3rd Health Programme opportunities

By Mar.04, 2016

Please see here for UKRO’s alert on the publication of the EU’s Health Programme, copied below:

​​The 2016 Work Programme for the EU Health Programme 2014-2020 was published this week. The calls for proposals will be published on the Participant Portal on 4 March 2016.

The Work Programme includes details of calls for proposals in the following areas:

  • Best practices in care provision for vulnerable migrants and refugees;
  • Knowledge and best practices on reducing underage drinking and heavy episodic drinking;
  • Knowledge and best practices on measures to prevent illicit drug use;
  • Addressing the chronic disease challenge 2;
  • European Reference Networks;
  • Rare diseases – support for new registries;
  • Donor selection and protection.

The NHS European Office will be holding a free webinar on the calls, including a presentation from the European Commission, at 11am on 22 March. To participate, register online.

The relevant pages of the Participant’s Portal can be found here.


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