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By Nov.20, 2013


Translating Cultures Innovation Grants




6th March 2014




Projects will be expected to play a central role in the development of the Translating Cultures theme by making incisive and innovative contributions to the following six strategic questions:

How can research into languages and cultures anywhere in the world and at any time: 

1) Encourage engagement with the ways in which translation may be seen to be constitutive of cultures in their formation, projection and transformation?

2) Extend analysis of the ways in which translation serves as a form of transmission and circulation of ideas, ideologies and forms of knowledge between geographical locations, historical moments and cultural contexts?

3) Contribute to understanding the role of translation both in processes of artistic and literary creation, and as an active contributor in the development of new knowledge and understanding?

4) Enhance awareness of the importance of the spaces, contexts, practices, materials, actors and technologies of translation?

5) Develop understanding of the ethics of translation, in the light of a range of phenomena including globalization and digital communication?

6) Permit a closer interrogation of the politics and understanding of translation in a variety of public, private and voluntary bodies and their wider contexts?

‘Innovation’ in this context should be interpreted broadly and could apply, for example, to developing new insights in established areas, or new research methods or approaches, or developing new areas of enquiry, new types of outputs, new partnerships, and / or approaches to dissemination, etc.

Although it is recognised that proposals may address topics of relevance to multiple questions, applicants are required to identify the one strategic question to which they are responding most directly.


18-24 months


Standard AHRC eligibility criteria apply



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