EPSRC/ESRC – Re-Distributed Manufacturing: Call for Networks

By May.06, 2014

New funding opportunity

Title Re-Distributed Manufacturing: Call for Networks
Deadline 13 August 2014
Value Up to £500,000
Aim EPSRC’s Manufacturing the Future theme and ESRC’s strategic priority for Economic Performance and Sustainable Growth have identified Re-Distributed Manufacturing as an area for research investment. Applications are invited for proposals to support the networking of researchers in topics related to Re Distributed Manufacturing.Re-distributed Manufacturing has a broad working definition of Technology, systems and strategies that change the economics and organisation of manufacturing, particularly with regard to location and scale. This call aims to support networks that develop the research agenda for Re-Distributed Manufacturing with a particular focus and to engage with both relevant academic and user communities.

It is anticipated that up to six Network awards will be funded, addressing a variety of distinctly different research challenge themes, which should each include support for feasibility projects. Networks should bring together a multidisciplinary group of researchers to address key challenges related to Re-Distributed Manufacturing. Although some Networks may have a primarily technology or societal focus, the funders consider this field of research to require insights from multiple disciplines and perspectives in order to be fully addressed.

The expected objectives and outcomes resulting from the formation of the individual networks are:

  • A development of the scope of Re-Distributed Manufacturing with emphasis on specific theme of the network
  • Shared identification of current and future research challenges
  • A cohesive multi-disciplinary vision for tackling these challenges, including identification of research methodologies and data.
  • Close interaction with relevant user communities to facilitate potential impact
  • Interaction with the other successful networks with potential joint events where appropriate. This will involve, but is not limited to, three formal meetings a year with each network hosting and chairing a meeting
  • Consultation events with attendance from academics and end users outside the networks
  • Communication of the identified challenges to the broader community, relevant stakeholders and research funders
  • Feasibility studies. Each network is expected to support 4-6 feasibility studies which address the main theme of the network.
Length Up to 2 years
Eligibility It is expected that in the preparation of the network proposal thorough consultation with the relevant communities is sought and the appropriate people are involved in the network. Applicants should aim to engage with academics, industrialists, relevant policy makers and other stakeholders during the preparation of their proposal.
Details http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/funding/calls/2014/Pages/manufacturingscopingworkshop.aspx
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