EPSRC – Manufacturing Advanced Functional Materials

By Feb.14, 2014

Funding opportunity


Manufacturing Advanced Functional Materials




15th April 2014 (for Expressions of Interest)


Up to £2.5m


EPSRC are inviting research proposals from consortia across the Engineering and Physical Sciences communities to address the manufacturing research challenges in developing applications, production technologies and future processes that incorporate advanced functional materials.

The key manufacturing challenges that this call wishes to address are:

  • How to scale-up the production and fabrication of advanced functional materials from the laboratory to the plant? (including design of laboratory scale processing techniques that lend themselves to up-scaling at pilot plant level).
  • How to improve measurement and control techniques that can ensure or enhance the designed functional properties of a material during manufacture or assembly (particularly when using new processes)?
  • How to develop new and bespoke assembly methods that can be adapted to the manufacturing of functional materials and their incorporation into systems?
  • How to build on behaviours explored at the nanoscale for larger-scale manufacture? (for example, the up-scaling of promising research approaches explored in ‘Nanoscale design of functional materials’ Grand Challenge). 

EPSRC are expecting to commit up to £10 Million on large, long term (up to five years), multidisciplinary programmes that capitalise on the UK’s growing research capability in functional materials and identify the most promising pathways for scale-up to applications and devices of these innovative materials.


Up to 5 years


Standard EPSRC eligibility criteria apply