EU – Erasmus Mundus: Final call for Proposals (Action 2 – Partnerships)

By Dec.03, 2013


Erasmus Mundus: Final call for Proposals (Action 2 – Partnerships)


European Commission


3rd March 2014


Funding is available to support the implementation of the consortium and the costs of the mobility. The maximum duration for a project is 48 months, minimum duration varies by ‘Lot’. The overall budget available for this call is €78.657m, allocated according to third country/region as follows:

Strand 1

  • Syria €  3m – total projects funded – 2
  • Western Balkans  €12m - total projects funded – 4
  • Iran, Iraq, Yemen €2.4 – total projects funded – 1
  • Asia Regional €24.4m – total projects funded – 8
  • Central Asian Republics – €0.3m – total projects funded – 1
  • Latin America Regional – €18.97 – total projects funded – 6
  • Brazil – €5.587 – total projects funded – 2
  • South Africa – €6.8m – total projects funded – 3

Strand 2

  • Pacific – €1.8m – total projects funded – 1
  • East Asia €1.8m – total projects funded – 1
  • Newly industrialized Asian countries and territories – €1.6m – total projects funded – 1


The final call for proposals under the Erasmus Mundus Programme has just been announced. The overall aims of the Programme are to:

  • Promote European HE
  • Help improve and enhance the career prospects of students
  • Promote intercultural understanding through cooperation with third countries

Erasmus Mundus supports collaboration between HEIs within the EU and HEIs from third countries in the form of Joint Programmes (masters and doctorates); Partnerships for structured cooperation; and Activities designed to promote European HE.

For this final call, only applications for Partnerships (Action 2) are sought, as detailed below.

Purpose of this call

Action 2: Erasmus Mundus Partnerships

This action aims at fostering structured cooperation between European and third country HEIs through the promotion of mobility at all levels of study, for students (undergraduate and masters), doctoral candidates, researchers, academic and administrative staff.

The action is divided into two strands:

Strand 1

Partnerships with countries covered by the following instruments and agreements

  • ENPI – European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument
  • DCI – Development Cooperation Instrument
  • IPA – Instrument of Pre-accession Assistance
  • ICI – Industrialised Countries Instrument

Strand 2

Partnerships with countries and territories covered by the Industrialised Countries Instrument (ICI)

Funds are allocated under this Action in a series of ‘Lots’ relating to the third countries involved. The minimum requirements for consortia composition vary depending upon the third countries partnered, but the minimum is 5 HEIs from at least 3 EU countries and 1 HEI (but in most cases more) from the third country/region. Overall the call is open to projects in all subject areas, however, some countries/regions have specified priority subjects targeted. Institutions are advised to read all Programme documentation carefully to ensure that the activities planned in their proposal are eligible not only under each strand but also for each ‘Lot’ (country/region).

Earliest start date: 15 July 2014

Financing Grant is allocated in the form of lump sums to support the organisation of the mobility elements and the coordination of joint activities by the partners; and in the form of individual scholarships to support staff and student mobility (travel, living expenses etc), based upon unit costs


Maximum project duration generally 48 months


Minimum number of partners varies by Strand and region/country (the minimum is five HEIs from at least three EU countries and one HEI (but in most cases more) from the partner country/region