Research Internal Support Fund

By Jun.14, 2017

The current call for the University’s Research Internal Support Fund will be closing on 3rd July.

Applications to the Research Internal Support Fund can be for a range of research-related activities, such as participation at conferences of international standing, the preparation of large-scale bids (in general over £150,000, depending on the discipline) for external research funding, or lead to outputs of REF-able quality. Awards may cover direct costs such as travel and accommodation, teaching time buy-out and research assistance, and conducting preparatory research trials.

Under normal circumstances matched funding of 50% of the total cost of the planned activity must be evidenced, either from internal or external sources (requests for more than 50% of required costs from the Fund will be considered at the discretion of the review panel, except for conference participation, where 50% matched funding is mandatory). There are limit to what funds are available and conference participation will be capped at £750 and for other activity such as bidding development or a pilot project a maximum of £3,000. There is no set format for your visit or project and examples of activity that could be funded include:

  • Undertaking small-scale or pilot projects that will lead to the submission of larger research bids.
  • Presenting at conferences or similar events that are of international standing.
  • Research at archives and libraries (or other similar institutions), both UK and overseas.
  • Projects incorporating a research mobility component and leading to a research bid or output.
  • Specialised equipment (that is non-standard to what the University provides).
  • Small-scale buy-out of teaching.
  • Research assistance.

For further information, and to make an application, please see the Internal Funding pages on the Research and Enterprise website.


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