Joseph Rowntree Foundation – Destitution in the UK

By Feb.20, 2014

Funding opportunity


Destitution in the UK


Joseph Rowntree Foundation


26th March 2014


Up to £180,000


This call is for one or more projects to investigate the nature, extent and changes in destitution in the UK. The aims of this work are to:

  • Develop a conceptual map of destitution which provides insights into the types of people affected, pathways into and out of it, drivers, risk factors and protective factors.
  • Answer as far as possible the following questions:
    • How much destitution is there in the UK?
    • Who is affected by it?
    • How has this changed over recent time (i.e. the last 20 years)?
    • What are the drivers of rising/falling/changing destitution?
  • Highlight the state of the evidence base and the uncertainties and gaps within it.
  • Explore the experiences and impacts of destitution for the people affected. 

JRF anticipates that a mix of methods will be necessary to meet these goals, including literature review, quantitative and qualitative research.


12 months


See call for further details