Launch of 2016-17 Internal Research Funding Scheme

By May.16, 2016

The Research & Enterprise Development Team are pleased to announce that the internal research funding scheme for 2016-17 is now open and accepting applications.

Following a review of all schemes, we have revised our internal funding provision and now offer funding support for a range of research activity via a single application process.  Details and guidance can be found in the application form (see below).

Please note that the Research Impact Fund will continue to be run as a separate scheme. For details and queries about this scheme, please contact Chris Hewson.

The new scheme will run on a call basis with four deadlines spread across the year as follows:

  • 1 July 2016
  • 1 October 2016
  • 5 January 2017
  • 1 March 2017

For applications to the first deadline, all proposed activity should be from 1st August 2016 onwards.

Download the Internal Funding Application Form 2016-17.

For support and any questions regarding the scheme, please contact Deborah Woodman.

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