MRC – Biomedical Catalyst: Developmental Pathway Funding Scheme

By Jan.15, 2014

Funding opportunity


Biomedical Catalyst: Developmental Pathway Funding Scheme




18th March 2014


Minimum project value of £250,000


This scheme supports projects aiming to improve prevention, diagnosis, prognosis or treatment of significant health needs, or projects focusing on research tools that increase the efficiency of developing interventions. The following activities are eligible for support:

  • developing candidate therapeutic entities, for example drug discovery;
  • preclinical testing of novel therapeutic entities;
  • early-phase clinical studies of novel therapeutic entities, phases 1 and 2;
  • repurposing clinical studies – using existing therapies for new indications;
  • developing and testing novel devices;
  • developing and testing diagnostics, including biomarker validation where the intent is for diagnostic use. 

Individual projects can start and finish at any point along the translational pathway. The MRC would not normally expect to support a project from initial development through to phase 2 clinical testing in a single application. Where there is a justified need for continued MRC support, sequential applications are encouraged.

All disease areas and modalities of intervention are eligible for support from the scheme, including small molecules, peptides, antibodies, vaccines, gene therapy, devices, surgical techniques and psychological approaches.


2 years (for pre-clinical projects)


Standard MRC eligibility criteria apply