NERC – Environmental Risks to Infrastructure Innovation funding call

By Apr.28, 2014

New funding opportunity


Environmental Risks to Infrastructure Innovation funding call


Natural Environment Research Council


19 June 2014


Total funding of £600k available


It is vital that the knowledge and expertise arising from science funded by NERC is harnessed for the benefit of a wide range of stakeholders. To facilitate this, NERC wishes to fund scientists to apply their knowledge and skills to support decision-makers dealing with the challenge of managing environmental risks to infrastructure.

Increasingly, decision-makers are faced with the challenge of protecting infrastructure and making it as resilient as possible, often operating within the increasing constraints of regulatory control periods. It is imperative that environmental risks are accurately assessed and taken into account at all points during the design, construction and operation of our infrastructure. NERC believes there is a wealth of data, knowledge and expertise in the UK research base which could address this challenge, however, this valuable resource is often not readily accessible and requires translation to be useable by decision-makers.

This Innovation funding call is intended to support the establishment and development of partnerships between academics and partners in industry (including infrastructure owners and operators, engineering consultants, contractors, insurance and investors), associated policy-making, regulatory bodies and NGOs, in order to translate existing environmental science to assist decision-makers with the challenge of managing environmental risks to infrastructure.

Proposals must specify a stakeholder (i.e. business, policy or NGO) issue that the project will address and develop tangible outcomes for the stakeholder’s organisation. Each proposal must have a project partner from the stakeholder organisation who helps identify the specific issue and is willing to provide resources to shape the proposal, steer the project (in conjunction with the academic) and report on outcomes and impact on their organisation.

Support with finding project partners and developing academic-stakeholder collaborations is available from the NERC-funded Probability, Uncertainty and Risk in the Environment (PURE) Network.


3 – 18 months


All researchers who qualify for a NERC grant are eligible to apply


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