Salford International Media Festival: Call for Papers

By May.22, 2014






The Salford International Media Festival 2014 will take place between 17 – 21 November at MediaCity UK. Opening the Festival this year, on Mon 17 – Tue 18 November, will be a new academic conference.

The conference, titled ‘Challenging Media Landscapes’, will focus on exploring the debate on media choice and freedom.

A call for papers for the conference has been launched, in the following broad areas:

  • Freedom, Choice and Privacy in Media Environments
  • Policy Choices and Freedom in Changing Media Environments
  • The Growth of Big Data and Media Freedom
  • Journalism, Media Freedom and Democracy
  • Articulations of, and Barriers to, Creativity, freedom and Choice in Media Practices

Abstracts (400 words max) should be submitted to:, by 9 June 2014.

Further details about the conference and the Festival: Challenging Media Landscapes.

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