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University-Industry Link: UK-China Higher Education Forum – 25th March 2014 (Bristol)

21 February 2014

Registration open for this event

Co-hosted by the University of Bristol, British Council and the UK Higher Education International Unit, the forum brings together UK leaders of higher education sector, industry and government departments to join the debate with 25 senior leaders and managers from Chinese Universities and government departments. This is the fifth time that British Council hosts UK-China Higher Education Forum following the success of the previous four at Derby, York, Cardiff and Nottingham respectively in the past years. read more

TSB – UK-China Partnerships in Sustainable Manufacturing

20 December 2013


UK-China Partnerships in Sustainable Manufacturing




26th March 2014 (register by 19th March 2014)


£500,000 – 800,000


TSB, EPSRC, and China’s Ministry of Science and Technology invite Expressions of Interest for collaborative R&D projects that make manufacturing processes more sustainable. The aim of the competition is to help UK academics to work with academic or industrial partners in China, and UK businesses to trial new processes with Chinese manufacturers.

In line with the TSB’s high value manufacturing strategy, projects must address at least one of the following areas:

  • conversion to alternative renewable or more sustainable raw materials
  • better management of quality variation in raw materials
  • adding value to/increasing re-use of waste streams within/across production processes
  • innovative heat or energy management or input in production
  • changing from manufacturing in batches to continuous processes
  • novel chemical processes and reactor designs, including novel catalysis, flow chemistry or use of novel solvents or solvent-free processes
  • novel processes based on industrial biotechnology
  • improved production measurement, analysis and process control
  • lightweighting of components through novel manufacturing processes
  • net-shape or near-net-shape manufacturing processes. 

All projects should show the additional benefits of co-operation between the UK and China, and applicants must show how their projects will make an overall positive contribution in terms of economic, environmental and social impacts: the triple bottom line, taking into account the full product lifecycle.


12 – 24 months


Proposals must be collaborative, and must include both a Chinese and a UK applicant. Project partners can include academics and research and technology organisations, as well as companies, and they can be business-led or researcher-led.


Latest Funding Opportunities Digest: 15th October 2013

15 October 2013

The following funding opportunities have recently been announced. Please follow the links for more information. 

UK Funders

AHRC – Cultural Value Project Targeted Call. Closing Date: 7th November 2013. AHRC – Creative Economy Showcase 2014: Expressions of Interest. Closing Date: 27th November 2013. ESRC – Europe – China call for collaborative research on The Green Economy & Understanding Population Change. Closing Date: 3rd December 2013. NERC – Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation Fellowships. Closing Date: 20th November 2013. TSB/EPSRC – Towards zero prototyping. Closing Date: 27th November 2013 (registration) Department of Health – Policy Research Programme. Closing Date: 12th November 2013. NIHR –

Efficacy & Mechanism Evaluation (EME) Programme: Researcher-led read more

Latest Funding Opportunities Digest: 30th September 2013

30 September 2013

The following funding opportunities have recently been announced. Please follow the links for more information.

UK Funders

 EU Funders 


Transnational Joint Call 2013 read more