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Wellcome Trust collaborative awards in humanities and social science

9 December 2015

Please see the following alert from Research Professional:

The Wellcome Trust invites applications for its collaborative awards in humanities and social science. These enable teams to tackle major health-related questions in the humanities and social sciences. Funding may be used for coordination and integration activities, network building and carrying out large-scale interdisciplinary research. Applications which propose to carry out interdisciplinary research across humanities and social science, science and innovation funding, are also encouraged.

Teams should normally consist of two to six principal applicants, each of whom has a track record of collaboration. Interdisciplinary research collaborations within the humanities and social sciences or with clinical or basic biomedical scientists, are encouraged. Collaborations may be international, and may exist within a department, across a university or spanning a number of institutions.

Awards are normally worth up to £2 million each over a maximum period of five years, with most in the range of £1m to £1.5m. Funding may cover research expenses, travel and subsistence, collaborative activity, capacity-building initiatives and research leave, symposia and dissemination activities, research management and support costs, and public engagement costs.


MRC – Industrial CASE Studentships

7 May 2014

New funding opportunity

NERC – Environmental Microbiology & Human Health Programme

5 February 2014

Funding opportunity

Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness – Research Grant Development Awards

20 November 2013


Research Grant Development Awards


Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness


20th January & 14th July 2014


Up to £6,000


Research Grant Development Awards provide ‘pump-priming’ funds for the development of high quality, innovative and multi-disciplinary research grants in medical sociology / sociology of health and illness. They are intended to support groups of individuals in working together to develop a research grant application and to submit it to a major national or international funding body within three months of the end of the award.


Not stated


Applications will be considered from groups comprising at least four researchers, based in at least three different institutions, at least two of whom have a track record as active researchers in the sociology of health and illness.

The lead applicant must be based in a UK University or research institution and be an active researcher in the sociology of health and illness. Other applicants may be based outside the UK.


Latest Funding Opportunities Digest: 20th September 2013

20 September 2013

The following funding opportunities have recently been announced. Please follow the links for more information.

UK Funders

  • ESRC – Alcohol Misuse Research. A total of between £750,000-£1.5m available for projects lasting up to 5 years. Closing Date: 29th November 2013.
  • TSB – Better Health Outcomes. Up to £100,000 available for projects lasting 6 months. Closing Date: 31st October 2013.
  • TSB – Supply chain innovation towards a circular economy. Projects up to £1m in value, lasting up to 24 months. Closing Date: 18th December 2013.
  • NIHR – Public Health Research Programme. No fixed limits on cost or duration. Closing Date: 19th November 2013.
  • Royal Academy of Engineering – ERA Foundation Entrepreneurs Award. Up to £40,000 available. Closing Date: 21st October 2013.
  • UKIERI – Knowledge Economy Partnerships. £5,000-20,000 available for partnerships lasting up to 1 year. Closing Date: 28th October 2013.
  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation – Poverty and Ethnicity: Exploring the links through quantitative research. JRF anticipate commissioning between three and seven projects of 10 months’ duration from a total budget of £150,000. Closing Date: 16th October 2013.
  • Alzheimer’s Research UK – Interdisciplinary Research Grants. Up to £250,000 available for projects lasting up to 3 years. Closing Date: 24th January 2014.
  • Cancer Research UK – Drug Discovery Project Grants. Up to £200,000 available for projects lasting up to 2 years. Closing Date: 5th November 2013.
  • Association for International Cancer Research – Project Grants. Up to £200,000 available for projects lasting 3 years. Closing Date: 25th October 2013.
  • The Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund – Junior Research Fellowships. Salary costs plus up to £17,000 pa for consumables and £1,000 pa for travel costs for fellowships lasting 3 years. Closing Date: 25th October 2013.
  • Action Medical Research – Project Grants. Up to £200,000 to cover salary costs, consumables and items of equipment essential for carrying out the work. Closing Date: 25th November 2013.
  • Royal Archaeological Institute – Research Grants. Up to £5,000 available. Closing Date: 11th January 2014.

EU Funders 

  • EU – Directorate-General for Justice – Daphne III Action Grants. A minimum of €750,000 for projects lasting 2 years. Closing Date: 30th October 2013.
  • EU – Directorate-General for Education & Culture – Tenders on the changing pedagogical landscape. An estimated €400,000 is available for projects lasting up to 18 months. Closing Date: 22nd October 2013.