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INTERNAL RESEARCH SUPPORT FUNDS 2017/18: Special Call for Applications

11 April 2018

We are inviting high quality applications to a special call of the internal research support fund. A condition of this call is that awards must be spent by 31 July 2018. The form can be found on Research development website, here.

Form and Guidance Notes


This form enables you to apply for internal research funding, which supports a range of activity based on the following criteria:

  • Sustainability of research, e.g. demonstrably leading to further research bids, collaborative projects, significant publications, or access to new research funds;
  • The contribution that the application will make to the research strategy of both the Research Centre / School and wider University;
  • Evidence of the applicant’s research and career ambitions.

What can be Funded?

The Research Support Fund will support a range of research-related activity such as participation at conferences of international standing, the preparation of large-scale bids (in general over £150,000, depending on the discipline) for external research funding, or lead to outputs of REFable quality. It will cover direct costs such as travel and accommodation, teaching time buy-out and research assistance, and conducting preparatory research trials. Under normal circumstances 50% matched funding must be evidenced, either from internal or external sources (above 50% matched funding will be at the discretion of the review panel, except for conference participation). There are limit to what funds are available and conference participation will be capped at £750 and for other activity such as bidding development or a pilot project a maximum of £3,000. There is no set format for your visit or project and examples of activity that could be funded include:

  •  Undertaking small-scale or pilot projects that will lead to the submission of larger research bids.
  • Presenting at conferences or similar events that are of international standing.
  • Research at archives and libraries (or other similar institutions), both UK and overseas.
  • Projects incorporating a research mobility component and leading to a research bid or output.
  • Specialised equipment (that is non-standard to what the University provides).
  • Small-scale buy-out of teaching.
  • Research assistance.

Please provide sufficient information in your application to allow the panel team to fully consider your application. All applications will be scored and ranked based on scientific, strategic merit and value for money. Applications that contain insufficient detail are unlikely to be funded.

How to Apply

The deadline for this Special Call is Wednesday 25 April 2018.

In line with financial regulations, all awarded funds must be spent by 31 July 2018. You will be notified of the outcome within 2 weeks of these deadlines. Applications should be completed on the attached form and emailed to Deborah Woodman, R&E Development Officer via

Successful applications

All applicants will be notified within 2 weeks from the call deadline date on the outcome of their application. All successful applicants will be required to submit a short report on the final outcome(s) from receiving internal funding, which should be submitted to:

Vice-Chancellor’s Early Career Research Scholarships 2016-17

17 May 2016

We are pleased to announce that the Vice-Chancellor’s Early Career Research Scholarship scheme 2016-17 is now open for applications.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Early Career Research Scholarship is a one year scheme that offers focussed support to promising early career researchers across the university. All scholars will become members of a network that will meet on a regular basis to discuss research ideas and share expertise. These meetings will offer scholars the opportunity to discuss new developments in their research area. Furthermore, a tailored training programme and a dedicated support for bid writing activities will be provided.

In addition to membership of the network, the scheme involves support from various directions:

  • A one year scholarship with a bursary of £1,000 to meet research expenses
  • A minimum of 20% workload allocation for research over the award period
  • Full membership of a Research Centre
  • Mentor support underpinned by an explicit Learning Agreement
  • A training programme

By the end of the scholarship all award-holders will be expected to be in a position to submit a research bid to an external funding body  through a competitive call for proposals.

You will submit an end of award report and at the end of the year three scholars who have shown outstanding potential will be awarded a further £1,000 to develop their research profile.


The main eligibility criteria for this scheme is that candidates should demonstrate outstanding research potential and can develop a research bid to a key funder (with an indicative value of £50k or above) at the end of the Scholarship.  Eligibility to be deemed an early career researcher will be determined by when you were awarded your PhD and/or your post-doctoral research experience (defined here as within 4 years) or by your eligibility to apply for either a relevant UK Research Council or other external funding body as an Early Career Researcher.

Please contact a member of the R&E Development Team if you need any advice on this.

How to Apply

Before applying you will need to identify an academic mentor in your subject area who is suitably experienced and willing to take on this role. In the first instance, please contact your Research Centre Director or Associate Dean of Research who will be able to advise you further.

Download the application form.

The deadline for applications is 17 June 2016. Successful candidates will commence their scholarships on 1 August 2016.


For further information and advice about applying, please contact your Research Centre Director or Deborah Woodman in Research & Enterprise.

The application form will also be available shortly via the R&E Development Team’s Internal Funding Support pages.

Launch of 2016-17 Internal Research Funding Scheme

16 May 2016

The Research & Enterprise Development Team are pleased to announce that the internal research funding scheme for 2016-17 is now open and accepting applications.

Following a review of all schemes, we have revised our internal funding provision and now offer funding support for a range of research activity via a single application process.  Details and guidance can be found in the application form (see below).

Please note that the Research Impact Fund will continue to be run as a separate scheme. For details and queries about this scheme, please contact Chris Hewson.

The new scheme will run on a call basis with four deadlines spread across the year as follows:

  • 1 July 2016
  • 1 October 2016
  • 5 January 2017
  • 1 March 2017

For applications to the first deadline, all proposed activity should be from 1st August 2016 onwards.

Download the Internal Funding Application Form 2016-17.

For support and any questions regarding the scheme, please contact Deborah Woodman.

Internal funding support available for research and academic staff

8 November 2013

The Research & Innovation Division administers a number of internal strategic funds to support research activity across the university.

The various schemes offer support for a range of research-related activities, including scholarships aimed specifically at Early Career researchers. Funds are available for activities ranging from support for bidding/proposal development and paper presentations at key conferences in your disciplinary areas, to Open Access publishing and commercialisation of research.

Whilst most schemes are open year-round, a few have set submission deadlines.

The full list of schemes for 2013/14 is as follows:

  • The Vice-Chancellor’s Early Career Research Scholarship Scheme – this year’s deadline for submissions was October 2013
  • The Vice-Chancellor’s Research Excellence Fund
  • Research Bidding Support Fund
  • International Conference Fund
  • Bridging Fund
  • Open Access Support Scheme
  • Commercialisation of Research Fund

Full details of all the schemes (and the application process for each), are available on the R&I intranet: