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Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation – Pilot Grants / Project Grants

7 January 2014


Pilot Grants / Project Grants


Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation


16th March 2014


Up to £25,000 (Pilot Grants) / Up to £150,000 (Project Grants)


These grants are available to allow established scientists to investigate and develop new ideas in lung cancer research in the areas of early detection and patient experience. In early detection of lung cancer, research projects into high-risk population stratification and molecular screening are invited, while research on patient experience should focus on:

  • health economic and societal burden of lung cancer;
  • improved care and support for those affected by a lung cancer diagnosis;
  • barriers to early diagnosis of lung cancer. 

Applications from professional groups such as nurses and allied health professionals are especially encouraged.


Up to 12 months (Pilot Grants) / Up to 24 months (Project Grants)


Applicants must have proven track records in their own scientific field and be employed in a UK or RoI university or research institute.