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EPSRC reviewing research programmes

31 May 2013

EPSRC have announced that they are reviewing two of its research programmes: Adaptation and Resilience to a Changing Climate (ARCC) and Sustainable Urban Environments (SUE)

The aims of the review are:

  • to determine the extent to which the UK is maintaining international excellence in research related to the area of making infrastructure, the built environment & transport systems resilient to environmental change, more sustainable, less energy intensive and more socially acceptable, economically advantageous and environmentally harmonious
  • to determine the extent to which high quality current and future research leaders are successfully identified and supported in this area
  • to determine the extent to which research activities have delivered impact for the UK economy and society in absolute terms and relative to the maximum possible, including fostering global performance, economic competitiveness and enhanced quality of life, health and creative output

The outcomes of the review will be used to inform policy and strategy in the area in the future.

As part of the review process, EPSRC are inviting interested parties to complete an online questionnaire and provide details of their experience or awareness of ARCC and/or SUE-funded activities. There are three separate questionnaires, aimed at ARCC/SUE grant recipients, research users in this area, and international academics working in the field.

The results of the review will be published on the EPSRC website later in the year. read more