Travel Scholarships and Small Grants from the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

By Oct.14, 2016

Please see the call from the RSTMH for applications for travel scholarships and small grants for early career investigators working across discpiplines relevant to tropical medicine and global health.

Our aim is to support clinicians and scientists in all disciplines of tropical medicine and global health. This includes the relationship between human health and animal health, in the pursuit of themes of clinical or scientific research or fieldwork.

Our focus will be on the early-career investigator (maximum 15 years active relevant training or employment) with clear research plans, adequate supervision and institutional support and few alternative sources of funding.

We are particularly looking to fund projects with a strong element of creativity and/or innovation that will have benefits beyond the academic community and will make a tangible and measurable difference.

We will consider applications for travel and training scholarships (up to £1,000) and small grants (up to £5,000) such as pump-priming grants, pilot studies or discrete elements within larger projects.

The call deadline is Friday 27 January 2017.

For further information please see the call page or contact your Funding Team representative.

SAMSHSSBS – Dr Deborah Woodman

CSE, ELS, SoBE – Stephen Parkinson

NMSWSS – Dr Chris Coey

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