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By May.13, 2014

New funding opportunity

Title Fellowships
Funder Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
Deadline 23 September 2014
Value Costs covered include international and internal travel, daily living costs and insurance
Aim The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust invites applications for its travelling fellowships. Fellowships enable British citizens to travel overseas in order to bring back knowledge and best practice for the benefit of others in their UK professions and communities. Applicants must demonstrate that their project will bring real benefit to others in their community, profession and in the UK as a whole.

What kind of projects will be considered?

  • Projects that will enable you to bring positive benefit to your community or field of interest, and to you as an individual.
  • Projects unlikely to be funded from other sources.
  • Projects that involve travel overseas for between 4 and 8 weeks.

What kind of projects will NOT be considered?

  • Applications for ‘gap year’ activities, courses, academic studies or student grants will not be considered. This includes electives, degree placements, internships and post-graduate studies, unless real and wider benefits to others in the UK can be clearly demonstrated.
  • Projects that stand to benefit the individual only, with no potential for wider benefit, will not be considered.
  • We cannot fund joint projects, teams or team members, but expedition leaders can apply under the Open category.
  • Applications for less than 4 weeks of overseas travel will not be considered.

Applications are invited in the following categories:

  • the arts and older people;
  • early years prevention and intervention;
  • environment and sustainable living;
  • prison and penal reform;
  • young people 18-25;
  • crafts and makers;
  • designers;
  • education;
  • medicine, health and patient care;
  • science, technology and innovation;
  • open category.
Length 4 – 8 weeks
Eligibility Applicants must be British citizens currently resident in the UK.
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