Café Research – Eat, live and learn all things research!

This session explores the exciting research taking place across our diverse researcher community. The morning started with a presentation from the Doctoral School outlining the range of different routes into PGR study, then moving onto the role technical staff play in progressing research and finally ending with how to engage with industry and enterprise grand […]

The Art of Change!

As part of the University of Salford’s Festival of Research, PhD student Aisha Hussain organised a workshop discussing the socio-economic and cultural impact of Covid on the communication of research and the creation and dissemination of art. The workshop opened with a fascinating demonstration by PhD student Lucie Skyes exploring interdisciplinary approaches for dance practice […]

What do Post-It Notes and Penicillin have in common?

They were both the results of research “gone wrong”, and may easily have ended up in the bin, had the researcher not paused to reflect on the value of their apparent mistake. Failure is often a considered a negative but looking at it differently can open unexpected routes to success. Albert Einstein said, “failure really […]

How to do speed festival?

What’s speed festivalling? It’s like ‘speed dating’ but with festivals and is a quick, regular daily tour of the Festival, looking something like this…. If you’re an early bird…..Stop by the webcast in the morning – find out what’s on that day and explore the highlights from previous days: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcngWixCh3h74cvOu-ersLQ Why not join us over […]

The Salford Festival of Research: 30 June – 9 July 2021

Save the dates, the Salford Festival of Research online has arrived this summer. There’s lots of events to get involved with such as ‘Café Research: Eat, live and learn. All things research!’ Hear more about the exciting research taking place across our diverse researcher community. For more information and booking, please take a look at […]