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Publishing in Scholarly Journals

Peer review of scholarly writingAs a researcher, sharing your work is essential to furthering the discussion, development and potentially even funding of your findings. The sheer quantity of guides available on “how to write” and “how to target X journal” perhaps signifying the impact of targeting the right place and the best audience for your research.

Before reaching the stage of submitting in the hope of publication, many publishers expect researchers to have already made some key considerations:

  1. Is your research original, engaging, innovative?
  2. Who do you expect to be the audience for your research?
  3. Which journal(s) do you think might be interested in accepting your article for publication and does your article fit with their aims, scope and style?
  4. What are your open access needs?
  5. Is your manuscript suitably and well written (free from grammatical error, solid narrative, clear abstract and conclusions) in accordance with the journal’s style guide?

Your researching peers and foremost, your supervisor, are the best place to start for advice on where to publish and whether your manuscript is ready. Then, once you think you have found the right journal for your article, you should read their Author’s Guide and make sure you can freely submit to them as some journals are invitation-only.


Applied criminological research: Social media and political extremism

ESCR-Festival logo

This workshop will provide an opportunity for School/College learners to attend an interactive workshop providing them with an overview of funded research recently undertaken in Manchester. The convenors worked with the Council and some local schools and colleges to explore whether there were any links between social media use and political extremism. The workshop will use the project as an example of how to plan research, gather data and analyse it.

This is an invitation only event. For further details, please contact Muzammil Quraishi (

09 November 2016
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Mary Seacole Building, University of Salford
Frederick Road Campus
M6 6PU

WoMMeN wins radiography team of the year

WoMMeN Logo

The project team that created the Word of Mouth Mammogram e-Network (WoMMeN) hub has just been given the Society of Radiographers UK Radiography Team of the Year award for their work.

WoMMeN, which is supported by the University, is a user-designed information and social media support hub for breast screening. The core team of 14 comprises multi-disciplinary academics from radiography, midwifery, nursing, psychology and business, as well as clinical practitioners from radiography, PhD students and patients.

The research group is led by Dr Leslie Robinson, senior lecturer in Diagnostic Radiography. Over the course of five years the team has seen a number of successes. These include creating the WoMMeN hub, initiating a private Facebook user research group, releasing a series of publications and attracting a significant international following to their social media accounts.

“The WoMMeN team is diverse and their enthusiasm and energy for the project is boundless. I have thoroughly enjoyed leading this amazing group of people who have also bonded as friends as well as colleagues,” says Dr Leslie Robinson about the team.

On the back of their award, the WoMMeN team is organising an evening research seminar at 6-8pm on Thursday 27 October 2016. The team will be accounting their story, specifically around the role social media played in their research.

The session will take place in room MS3.02 of the Mary Seacole building and tickets are available here.

You can visit the WoMMeN website here. And follow them on Twitter.

For more information on WoMMeN please contact Dr Leslie Robinson at or call 52333.