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Salford-Nankai Cooperation Up and Running

Prof Alaric Searle, who was appointed Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Faculty of History, Nankai University, Tianjin, PRC, in June of last year, has already started to cooperate with staff from Nankai. Within the framework of his recent Visiting Fellowship to Pembroke College, Oxford, and the Changing Character of War (CCW) Programme in particular, undertaken during his sabbatical in Semester 1 of AY 2016/17, Alaric was able to arrange a guest lecture in Oxford by Dr Wang Wei of Nankai.

Dr Wang, Lecturer in International History in the Faculty of History at Nankai, delivered a talk on 23 January as part of the CCW lecture series entitled, ‘British Planning for the Postwar World Order: The Role of the Foreign Research and Press Service, 1939-43’ at Pembroke College. Alaric commented: ‘It was one of the great blessings of the Visiting Fellowship on the CCW Programme in Oxford that I was able to make the suggestion that Dr Wang deliver a lecture at Pembroke. I am most grateful to the Director of CCW, Dr Rob Johnson, for agreeing so readily to the suggestion. It is one example of the type of cooperation which I am hoping to pursue with the Faculty of History at Nankai in the future.’


Nankai Lecture

During the course of the visit to Oxford, Prof Searle and Dr Wang also had the opportunity to meet with Rana Mitter, Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China, at the University of Oxford China Centre. Prof Mitter, who is well-known for his research on twentieth century Chinese history, most recently through his book China’s War with Japan, 1937-1945: The Struggle for Survival (2013), discussed a variety of topics and projects relating to Chinese history with Alaric and Wei.

China Centre Building University of Oxford

Dr Wang is currently spending a year in the Department of International History, London School of Economics, as a Visiting Scholar. Wei commented: ‘I am immensely grateful to Professor Alaric Searle for making it possible for me to give talks in Oxford and soon in Salford. I look forward to visiting Salford; and, I hope more staff and students from Salford can come and visit Nankai in the future.’

Dr Wang will be visiting Salford University in April/May of this year and will be delivering a guest lecture. She also intends to take the opportunity to conduct archival research in the People’s History Museum and the Working-Class Movement Library. Alaric noted: ‘I am delighted that Wei is able to come to Salford. Much of her research intersects well with the interests of staff in Politics and Contemporary History. It will be a great way to cement the relationship with Nankai and for students and colleagues in English, Politics and Contemporary History to get to know her as well. We look forward immensely to hosting her for two weeks in Salford.’


Arthritis Research UK Internship Project 2016-8 Allied Health Professionals and Nurses Celebrating the Success of 2016 Cohort!

Arthritis Research UK 2016 Interns

The first cohort of new health profession graduates from across the UK have successfully completed an eight week research internship at the end of August. The ARUK funded project overseen by Prof Cathy Bowen and managed by Mary Fry at the University of Southampton is an excellent model of a collaborative internship project working with leading researchers at the Universities of Oxford, Salford, Leeds, Southampton and the West of England.

Darel Evans was the intern at Salford, a Physiotherapist by first degree who worked under the supervision of Prof Richard Jones to consider “Optimisation of footwear choices in the management of knee osteoarthritis”.

Within a short 8 week time-frame the six interns conducted substantial research in a number of projects all under-pinned with sound public health principles. They presented their high quality research findings in an informative dissemination day at the University of Leeds. Evaluation from the interns has demonstrated how valuable the Scheme is in introducing the brightest interns to a network of world-renowned researchers and linking their clinical roles with the latest research – benefiting patients with the latest evidence-based care.

Dr Anita Williams, who organised the scheme for Salford, comments “Darel’s internship was a real success for the department with a bright, enthusiastic researcher who’s hard and high quality work will likely lead to a peer reviewed publication”.

All of the interns have secured substantive posts – and plan to continue their careers in research in the future. They will all remain involved in the Scheme, providing mentorship for future cohorts, sharing their experiences and promoting the Scheme. Past schemes have shown that interns benefit from much faster career progression than their peers.

Some quotes from the 2016 interns include:

“I have enjoyed the internship experience so much and I would love to spread the word and inspire others to grab the opportunity…the Internship has completely changed my outlook on everything…and I now aspire to a career in research and ultimately achieving a clinical academic role”

“In relation to my career plans, my expectations have completely changed…The scheme has provided me with the skills, knowledge and contacts I need to build my profile and apply for future research opportunities”

The scheme is a three year project running until 2018 and is open to final year students in Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Podiatry and Physiotherapy who are predicted a 2:1 or 1st degree. Recruitment will begin at the beginning of Nov for the 2017 cohort. For further details please contact Mary Fry on or Dr Carina Price at Salford who will now represent Salford on the organisation committee