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University of Salford Engagement Forum

In September 2021 we set up the University’s first-ever Engagement Forum. The Forum is chaired by Professor Andy Miah, Chair in Science Communication & Future Media, and acts as an advisory and consultative group at key stages of the design, development and delivery of a wide range of engagement activities, encompassing research, teaching, industry collaboration and enterprise. It is informed by University values around widening participation, corporate social responsibility, public involvement and communication and has a broad membership across the University’s Professional Services and Academic divisions.

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Podcast Series

A new podcast series, HR Unpacked, has just started as a collaboration between the University and HR experts Peninsula. 

The first episode focuses on the ‘Great Resignation’, as companies grapple with the reality of the post-Covid jobs market. Dr Jonathan Lord, HR expert from Salford Business School has some useful advice.

Listen to the first episode here: https://hrunpacked.podbean.com/

Why not also tune in to the University of Salford Research Podcast at https://anchor.fm/repod-salford to find out what’s coming up!

Here are some recent examples from our REPOD series:

2021.12.05 / Live recording of the University research podcast with Dr Mark Hughes, talking about what gets the internet working

2021.10.15 / LIVE recording of the University research podcast with Prof Will Swan from Energy House

2021.10.08 / Live recording of the University research podcast with Robyn McCarthy