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How to advertise

13 April 2017

“How to advertise my business” is the question that most small businesses are asking. Unlike large, national companies who have a near-unlimited advertising budget, small businesses have to research heavily, evaluate and decide which type of advertising is suitable for their business and, more importantly, is the most cost-effective. Small businesses simply cannot afford to waste their budget on the wrong people, at the wrong time; it has to reach their desired target audience in the right mindset.

With so many advertising options available to small businesses, it’s no surprise that business owners are left scratching their heads. Online advertising, social media, press, radio and outdoor – the list goes on. Clear Channel Direct was launched in 2014 with a focus to help small-to-medium sized businesses grow and, since launching, has worked with thousands of organisations, enabling them to advertise locally on billboards, bus shelters and various sizes of digital screens.

Bristol Billboard in high traffic area