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Brand Pages And Why They Don’t Rank In SERPS

16 May 2014

We’ve had this problem for quite some time and many different experts on SEO don’t cover it.

If you were to search for one of our big brands in Google, let’s say Falke, what you’d get is our 3rd and 4th biggest competitors.

Our Falke page for example, is in position 104. we hold 9th position for the term “Falke Tights” with that same section, which is not bad, but the puzzling part is that we have a “Falke” section and a “Falke Tights” sections. You’d think the latter is going rank for that search term, but it doesn’t at all.

All of our competitors use links in the header and breadcrumbs, just like we do. Opensite Exporler shows just 2 or 3 internal links for these competitors, and more than 1600 from us.

Many of our brand sections rank worse than they should, such as Pretty Polly and Charnos, both brand that we sell, rank page 2 or 3 for their search terms.

Another example is Kunert from Germany, a brand with nobody else in the UK selling these items. Our section has been live for 8 years, but we can only reach 71st on Google, 1st on Bing.

We’re working on building some quality links, but competitors have very few low quality external links, only slightly better domain authority than us but they seem to rank 100 or more positions better than us on many of our brands, including our Wolford section, one of our most authoritative pages.

This might suggest there is something on our pages or something internal we’re currently doing wrong, but all our tools tell us that we are doing everything fine.

Keyword density is close to our competitors and we’ve reduced the number of products on the page. All pages ranked well before the Penguin update, and Bing still seems to like them.

The main consensus is that we have penalties form Google, but looking at our competitors link profiles we are only slightly worse, this to me means Google has penalties on some brand pages, but why as they have few or no external links.

Is it our internal linking and if so how do I sort it out?

This is really quite puzzling, and if any one has any ideas please drop me an email