Mia Jones – Fashion Image Making and Styling

My name is Mia Jones, I am in my final year of the BA (Hons) Fashion Styling and Image Making programme.

How would you describe your studio practice before the coronavirus pandemic/enforced lockdown?

I would describe my studio practice before the pandemic as working within a class room environment getting support and feed back from my teachers and friends. My current studio environment at home is literally my computer and a lot of older magazines and photos that are keeping me inspired and online sources are also keeping me feeling creative and motivated to try to continue making my ideas come to life digitally rather than physically.

Have you had to be resourceful in order to source materials?

I usually take all of my photos on location or in the photography studios at uni to create a lot of my shoots and styling ideas, mostly working with models, so obviously it is very hard/impossible to continue shooting with people and sourcing garments whilst everyones in lockdown and everywhere is shut. So I have been looking at working with what I have got and enjoying the challenge of trying to continue to create mock up shoots through collaging that will still fulfill my ideas and hopefully have a positive impact on society through their meaning of escapism in hard times.

I have created some mind maps and poems and have tried to find a lot of imagery that inspires me online that I plan to manipulate through collaging and art direction to create something new that fits with my visions for my final major project. I’ve been trying to use a lot of software to create videos and soundtracks with footage I already have, to try to continue to finish the work I intended to make before lockdown.

Could you also share some images of your studio environment at home and your work in progress and any work you have completed during lockdown?

The images here are my work environment and some of the work Ive completed in lockdown. I am creating a musical for my FMP theme so I have tried to create a song/poem that would fit in with my theme and the times we are living in and hopefully spread some positivity. Then Ive just been collaging with found images online mixed with mind maps I made about my theme.

Have you had cause to call upon friend/family members (people with whom you are sharing lockdown) to help and assist you in the making of your work?

I have asked my dad to help me remix some of the music for my videos so he’s been introducing me to working with merging sounds which Ive liked doing. Then I’ve had a lot of FaceTime with my friends to keep me feeling motivated and sane.

Have you thought about how you are able to share your work with others/the creative industries sector, and engage an audience in the light of the pandemic?

I have been putting a lot of my work on my Instagram as a way to get my work out there at the moment and entered some of the work into the ‘a part publication’ entry about creating projects whilst in lockdown.

What are you looking forward to doing most once we emerge from the lockdown?

I’m excited to see everyone on FIMS again and hopefully celebrate graduation together and to be with all the people who I love, also to hopefully get into a creative job within the industry.