Hannah Morton – Interior Design

My name is Hannah Morton and I am in my final year of the BA (Hons) Interior Design programme.

How would you describe your studio practice before the coronavirus pandemic/enforced lockdown?

Studio practice before the lockdown was a lot easier as all the software was a lot easier to access and we had our own space to work in.

Please describe your studio environment at home.

At home, once I get myself set up with a space to work, with an old table and a fold-out chair I found it difficult to concentrate at first but once I spent a little more time trying to carry on with my work I found it a lot easier.  It meant I could spend a lot more time on my work without the time taken up by commuting and thinking about what time I needed to set off to avoid being stuck in traffic. I found little changes like printing off a calendar and planning out my work really help me get back into the zone of working on my course. 

How has the coronavirus pandemic changed your studio practice?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed my studio practice as it meant I could just sit in one room and stay there as long as I needed to get my work done.

Have you had to be resourceful in order to source materials?

I think I was lucky as I didn’t really need to source any materials. The majority of learning materials were given to us through blackboard. The only struggle was not having free access to some software such as; SketchUp pro and V-ray to render our visuals. I was able to use an alternative method through photoshop and use more of a sketchy visual style instead of photo-realism. 

Have you thought about how you are able to share your work with others/the creative industries sector, and engage an audience in the light of the pandemic?

I have been sharing my work through social platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn

What are you looking forward to doing most one we emerge from the lockdown?

After lockdown, I’m mainly looking forward to being able to go out and spend time with my friends.