Michael Rogers – Runner Up

BA (Hons) Media and Performance

Michael has been described as “one of a kind” – a committed, engaged and highly enthusiastic student throughout his three years at university. Year-on-year, he has volunteered to take on the role of Student Representative has carried out this role in a supportive and proactive manner, representing his peers and interacting professionally with staff. Michael’s flair and talent as a camera person allowed him to excel in his modules involving screen production work and always reassures others with his aptitude for problem-solving, improvising and overcome any issues that arise on set. His research into dyslexia and how it intersects with the radio industry inspired him to take his findings to the BBC to discuss their methods and potential improvements in the industry.

Michael says: “Being shortlisted for the Performance, English and Creative Writing Award means a lot to me, not only because of how hard I have worked in my time at the University of Salford but also the fact that people have taken notice of my efforts.”