Lucy Clews-Jones

2019 The Dean’s Award Winner

“I was really grateful and honoured to win The Dean’s Award and I am thankful for the lecturers that supported and believed in me, as well as being surrounded by other talented individuals on the course who continue to inspire me. The Dean’s Award really gave me the confidence I needed to go into the working world after university and was always an interesting topic with respective employers. After graduation, I took a few months out to explore my options and travel around Europe. I have since been trying to build my portfolio as a Freelance Fashion CAD Design, working with individuals and small companies to produce designs and felt this has given me some good experience. I particularly wanted to do something that was different to Fashion Design so I have explored volunteering at my local NHS hospital and further to that I have been offered a job at an insurance company (Royal London), where I hope to continue my personal development and learn about the customer service environment.”