Best PR of the Year Award

This is an award for the best piece of PR work, which could include campaigns, written proposals, press releases, presentations, infographics, social media or other.

Cari Morris – Winner

To be recognised and win these awards when I am surrounded by such a talented peer group is both thrilling and humbling. Coming from a sports journalism background and knowing that my work has been recognised by Gary Neville, a renowned figure in the industry, makes me proud. It justifies the hard work I’ve put in and is a perfect way to end my amazing university experience. I also recognise how valuable these awards will be when searching for a future career! I can’t thank Salford enough for the solid foundation it has set for my professional life.

PR Team Voice (Caroline Onyeaka, James Sumner, Olivia Garland and Rachel Kirby) – Runner Up

James Sumner – Runner Up