Politics and Contemporary History Awards

Across politics, security, international relations and contemporary history our students create high quality and insightful work. It’s this work that we celebrate with the annual Politics and Contemporary History Awards.

We’re delighted to announce the below winners and runners up of the 2020 awards, well done all!

Best 1st Year Award

Winner – Fleur Armitage

Fleur has produced some outstanding academic work over the course of several modules. Her essay writing and depth/range of supported research has been of an extremely high standard for first year undergraduate level. She has shown high levels of interest in the various topics and areas covered, and has followed queries up with enthusiasm, engaging regularly and maturely with tutors in both electronic and face to face forms of communication. She has also engaged with confidence in seminars, showing evidence that she has consistently done the required background reading and research for the various topics and sessions covered. Presentational verbal skills and teamwork were also of a highly impressive standard. This degree of performance and knowledge relates to the accurate utilisation and application of core political theories, ideologies, key thinkers, and associated IR concepts.

Fleur has consistently sought to apply such knowledge to the study and interpretation of international relations theory and international politics in particular. This has been an excellent and very encouraging platform from which to build towards further progress in subsequent years of study.  

Runners Up

Best 2nd Year

Winner – Samuel Foulger

Sam has successfully managed the tricky transition from Level 4 to Level 5, finishing the year with a first-class average mark. He has performed consistently well across all his modules. His attitude towards his studies is exemplary, with an excellent attendance and engagement record, making valued contributions in seminars and workshops. Sam’s dissertation proposal, examining the influence of the Macmillan government’s defence policies upon the RAF, promises for a very interesting and insightful project, showcasing Sam’s aptitude as a historian in the making.

Runners Up

Best 3rd Year

Winner – Noami Abson

Excited just to be nominated let alone shortlisted! I never expected this and am so pleased and proud.

Runners Up

Best Postgraduate

Winner – Joshua Clark

“Really proud, its a great way to end my time at Salford.”

Runner Up

Charlotte Lloyd

Best Impact Award

Winner – Jon Conor Lyons

It is a honour to be shortlisted for the Best Impact Award. If it was not for the amazing students who stood alongside me and for the University listening and then acting, I would not have been considered. So thank you to all the students and staff who I’m proud to have worked alongside to deliver the changes we all wanted to see. I’m looking forward to seeing the next round of PCH students which the team can inspire to make change on campus and in wider society!