Pierce Woodward

I am from Liverpool have just finished my degree in Comedy Writing and Performance. I have always had an interest and love of comedy both old and new. This course has given me lot more experience and knowledge that I will use in my comedy future.

My greatest achievement has been my PRP performance, as It felt like a culmination of all the thing that I learned in my three years.

Peawood and Piggins

This is a clip from my PRP performance ‘Peawood and Piggins’, which I created with Jack Piggins. This was a surreal double act live show that focused a lot on visual humor, slapstick, and the comedy of superiority.

This is a clip form towards the end of ‘Peawood and Piggins’. It was the pinnacle of the show as it got the biggest laugh. It is also a historical event as I do not think anything that messy will happen on that stage again and for good reason.

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