Lucinda Briscoe-Rimmer

Pornography is often seen as anti-feminist; women presenting themselves for the male-gaze, yet I find the control I have in undertaking acts for the camera or painting from life with the use of angled mirrors, expressive. I have full control of the situation as well as what images I present to the audience. Essentially, I create visual imagery for men and women who peruse their own pleasure and feel emboldened by their fantasies.

I compose vibrant and graphic depictions of my own experiences of intercourse and masturbation. These ideas are influenced by the historical representation of the female nude and contemporary pornographic representations. Through the paintings, I play out a sexual fantasy, merging the amateur and the professional while humanising these images through the process. While pornography is seen as dehumanising and degrading, I shift this for my own pleasure of painting.

Using acrylic paint, I create areas of colour block to distort the original image, my work is essentially monochromatic; however, I use the contrasting colours of orange and blue to intensify the warm highlights and cold shadows. Integrating this technique alongside cropping my own images to become abstractly genealogical and adjoining contrasting displays of my own fantasies subsequently detaches from their original source material and arousing purpose, allowing myself a distance from pornography making my images adequate for public consumption.

My strategy is to use my own imagery as a channel to break down the contemporaneous barrier between sexuality and society and inspire individuals to be confident in their vulnerability. My practice is an opportunity to recognise and subvert the stereotypical power-roles in pornography and disregard unrealistic expectations of sex. My art is celebrating female and male pleasure, not glorifying pornography at the expense of women.



Instagram: @hotunderthecollar

I Broke my Vibrator, 320 x 340 mm, Acrylic Paint on Cartridge Paper, mounted on 3mm Foam Board, Satin Varnish, 2019

That’s what a year long headache does to you, 304 x 406 mm
Acrylic on Ampersand primed panel board, satin varnish, 2020

Double Anal Penetration, 841 x 1189 mm, Acrylic on board, 2018

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