Ellie Molloy

As we spend 93% of our lives indoors, spaces must be tailored to suit their occupants. I have adopted a user-centred approach to designing during my degree, thinking about how different people access, move around and interact with a space. Researching my clients and the existing building allows me to develop imaginative and playful concepts in which I weave through all aspects of my designs to craft unique experiences.

My final project exhibits these skills as I proposed a microbrewery and bar at Deansgate Locks inspired by the four natural elements. The colour palette, lighting, materiality and layout, imitate Earth, Fire, Water and Air and craft an immersive drinking experience.

I have enjoyed working with a wide range of briefs and testing my skills across various interior design sectors. Beyond my degree, I plan to apply the skills I have acquired at university in practice. Here, I can watch my ideas become a reality.