Callum Farmer

Outside the Bubble is a series that looks at people from the outside without giving much away in terms of what goes on inside their heads or what is on show in terms of their overall image. It’s about looking at people in their respective comfort zones and looking at them to simply see what they really are which is, well, people. Individuals who’ve spoken about flaws and past endeavours to get to this point where they are now – stepping out of their usual spectrums to allow themselves to be presented to a wider audience.

You can’t see their scares, their mental issues, the struggles they’ve been through and continue to at this moment in time. What you see instead is four individuals looking back at you, acknowledging you for being here and seeing them in their rooms with an expression that tells a story which perhaps you may have experienced as well.

In these times whereby we’ve all been stuck in our homes without a chance to connect and emphasize with those we love, those we work with and even strangers we walk past in the streets, it’s important to cherish your time outside your own bubble to acknowledge those they’ve endured this and will continue to. But as long as we see one another, communicate with those from afar and embrace those for who they are, we can feel the comfort and empathize with those we know and love – whether that’s inside or outside our own respective bubbles.

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