Melissa Grimes

For many years now I have struggled with my mental health and relied upon chemical intervention in the form of medication, and if anyone knows often adding chemicals to an already chemical imbalance can easily diverse your illness either way, for the good and bad. And so I have searched for any kind of alternative help. My introduction to the Wiccan witches and rituals fascinated me and my thirst for knowledge and involvement grew, this was my base and focus for my project, highlighting the benefits to my wellbeing.

From the influences and knowledge gained from researching the Wiccan witches I plan to put together a spiritual journey of an extremely personal nature. Giving my viewer an insight of how the mind of a mental health sufferer strives to seek spiritual presences, this will be visualised in my images displayed along a walkway through a mock forest, scented with the essence of nature and shatter emotions.

The journey through my exhibition will awaken senses of smell, touch and sight by the use of natural materials and man-made ones, using soil and wood to create the smells of a forest and using scented candles and burner crystals to awaken the abilities to feel good. Elements will brush across the viewer as they proceed making them feel apprehensive of what it might be, an uneasy feeling. The lighting will be powered by battery lights of different colours and intensity, with one strobe set to slow, these lights will illuminate my photographs and the forest at first to give some sense of fear and will move on to an area that will be lit to represent the wellbeing found through the Wiccan rituals.

My photos represent an amicable display of wellbeing, some of portraits and others of visual emotions. They will be arranged amongst the fauna and trees within the exhibition stage, representing the power of nature sought by the Wiccan witches especially of the forest witches, others encased in webs, a metaphor for my mental health struggle encapsulating and smothering. Some photos will be suspended into groups hung by single threads from above, these photos are of visual emotions and some have been modified by the use of candle wax and herbs, this represents the emotions have been washed by spells to cleanse the negativity.

All of my work can be viewed on Instagram on my personal photography account “Honeybee Photo”

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