Virginia Gianni

The book ” MAY I ASS” has been created to cherish a collection of visual and written pieces from early and current projects I have been working on. My work documents personal trauma and explores how humour can act as a coping mechanism towards the wellbeing of an individual. Using surrealism as a methodology, I create sceneries of bizarre as well as almost uncomfortable environments as to raise awareness about matters in an unexcepted way. I wish people to interact with my artworks and interpret each meaning differently. I draw inspiration from everyday life, music, poems and experiment with different media.

As an international artist, I pay tribute to my references. Combining the importance of the lighting and vibrant colours from the Greek islands with the mysterious shades of Manchester was my main inspiration whilst making this book.

The comical title of the book is juxtaposed by the seriousness of its content. This was created by documenting a close community and showcases their asses. In doing so, I explore the boldness of exposing a part of themselves in a society where being naked, hairy or daring with your own body can be prohibited. To sum up, I take inspiration from my working-class background, and this has contributed to the title of my book.

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