Jo Somerset

I found a voice through Northern Gay Writers. My work appears in, Dear Damsels, Buzzin Bards, The Selkie, Clav Mag and Generations anthology.  Other publications include ‘Passion Prioritised’ in Diva Book of Short Stories (2000) and ‘Pushing the Boundaries of Feminism in a Northern English Town’ (Northern History, March 2018).

My greatest achievement at the University of Salford is that have worked at a consistently high level and made a solid start on the auto-history book I will write in the next few years.

4 July 1964: Colonial War

This is a section from my MA Creative Project entitled Born on 4th July:  a blended memoir/history that explores the relationship of self to the world in the context of collective history, through visiting my birthday each year. I will expand the project into a full-length ‘auto-history’ book.

This piece juxtaposes my unwitting proximity to slavery with the racism perpetrated on ancestors of slavery.  My colonial heritage via the Cadbury’s chocolate factory in Birmingham, UK is contrasted with black people’s experience in Birmingham, Alabama in July 1964, when the US Civil Rights Act became law.