Mike Logue

My project is to examine the links between Patrick MacGill , Irish Novelist, and Socialism with the aim of producing a Journal Article

The poetry and novels, which provided the basis of his reputation, describe the poor and dangerous working conditions of an underclass of people in early 1900’s viz. Irish migrant agricultural workers and the itinerant labourers known as Navvys.

However there is nothing explicit recorded concerning MacGill and socialism in many of the biographical sketches and articles available.

My research will be to seek documented links between MacGill and socialism

MacGill was possibly in a unique position to view and comment on the consolidation of Socialism in the period 1910 – 1920, with his direct experience of working on the land, as a labourer in the camps and on railways and his subsequent establishment in literary London. 

He would have had experience beyond the Fabian View, beyond the theoretical,  beyond the  armchair socialism of London literary salons.

What ever his view of socialism was, it does not seem to have been taken up in his writings directly.

Patrick MacGill – Novelist and Socialist