Callum Walker

My practice tends to revolve around branding, packaging, product design and 3D design. The work featured here shows the following:

1 – A new product line of sustainable products for Sainsbury’s.  A refillable Bleach bottle created using recycled plastics, refillable Water bottle made from recycled glass and rubber, A refill shopping case, used as an alternative to shopping baskets/bags. Eliminating all packaging in store, Customers can collect a set amount of loose products and place them throughout the several box layers on the case. Layers can be added/taken away depending on shopping amount. Straps attach from the bottom allowing for it to be held like how a bag would be held. Spaces for bottles and jars used to top up on liquid based products, compartments for loose veg/fruit, wrapped meats, cleaning products and so on. Users would either self-checkout or bring to a till where the contents will be reviewed and rounded up. Eliminating excessive baggage and packaging entirely, reducing waste and saving on production costs.

2 – A visual response created interpreting the word “error” as part of a 3D experimentation brief for my Negotiated Major Project.

3 – An illustrated Polaroid created for an essay discussing how old technology becomes irrelevant as time progresses. Turning it from Polaroid to Polar-Old.

4 – A relatable ad used to shame the public about littering, informing them on the damage their actions have on their lives/surroundings. Encourages them to take action and shame litterbugs publicly.