Morys Davies

At the core of my practice I’m interested in communication and exploring the various methods of doing so visually. I have experience in branding and web design working for a small range of clients and focus a lot of my spare time on experimenting with physical production methods.

For my final major project I researched into illustration systems and was inspired to create my own system with a more mature aesthetic. The PAWB system was created so that potentially all ethnicities and body shapes could be illustrated, represented and re-produced within a simple unified aesthetic with relative ease.

PAWB is designed to be accurate and respectful; using reference photos to ensure movements and body shapes are captured true to human forms, without over-exaggerated features.

The case study I decided on to show the system in use is the International Musical Eisteddfod. This festival welcomes visitors from all over the globe to compete and celebrate their cultures in music and dance.

Designed for an experienced Adobe Illustrator user; The flexible system (easily animated), reliant on vectors and shapes, allows for stylistic interpretation from each individual as long as it follows the basic rules of the guidelines. Meaning there is more room for interactivity and involvement with the system.