Elinor Wallace

I am an aspiring a producer, who has just completed my degree at the University of Salford. When I’m creating art, I love exploring the logistics of the project, breaking the film down and being able to analyse each part individually; this helps me greatly when moving forward with a project.

I would say my greatest achievement at the University of Salford is that I have had the freedom to explore the industry though many different genres and themes of media. I have discovered my passion for producing.


This scene is an extract from the short film WATCH / LEARN. It is about Aaron, a teenager on the verge of adulthood, finds himself in difficulty with the police after two parts of his life he had been keeping separate, crash together.

In this specific scene Aaron is made aware of the direct consequences of his actions as he is forced to watch them unfurl before him.

This clip contains the threat of violence, it may not be suitable for those under 12.