Fletcher J. Smith

My name is Fletcher, 21, and I’m addicted to acting and filmmaking. I love all forms of media ranging from documentary to fiction film production and I found a love for acting through musical and Shakespearian theatre.

My film, ‘Out in Control’, has most definitely been my biggest achievement at university.

Out in Control

This is a short drama film following a man in his new addiction to cocaine after failing to adapt to an average (boring) working lifestyle. After this change, there’s no way back, until an untimely depiction of inevitability convinces him to embrace his trauma and envision a whole new perspective.

In this scene, protagonist Joe has just received information that his sister’s tarnished immune system may not be able to combat the self-inflicted drug abuse. Therefore, as he returns to real-time (the black & white), five years forward, he decides he must write a new path.

This video contains drug references and may not be suitable for those under 12.