Hayley Boutty

I have always been captivated by art, from fashion and music to film. My main passion is acting, but I have also become incredibly versatile in my skills surrounding filmmaking. My interests in art project through the work I make and I love sharing that with the world.

My greatest achievement at the University of Salfoed has been performing in the final year Actor’s Showcase, alongside creating a great documentary that gained huge popularity in the scooter community.

Riding On: The Scooter Boys of Today

This is a documentary following scooter club ‘The Nite Owls’ and their journey from being established in 1978 to today. It looks at the close family bond that the members have shared over the years and the incredible passion that runs through every member, both young and old.

This piece will encapsulate the passion that thrives in the club and the love that these people share for scooter culture. We will here about Gaz, the current leader of the club and his beginnings of becoming invested in this lifestyle.