Sophie Woolley

I have a strong passion for acting and presenting. I am a member of the National Youth Film Academy and The Actors Lab. Other places of training include Brewery Youth Arts and The Dukes Young Actors.

My greatest achievment is being able to further improve my skills as an actor, as well as being able to successfully take on many challenges and positively learning and growing from them.


An interpretation of Act Once Scene Seven and Act Two Scene One of Macbeth. This interpretation shows the character of Macbeth as gender blind, so not specified if the character is male or female.

This modern-day interpretation of a classic play questions what the audience views as a toxic relationship and if it is the same if the genders aren’t so clear. Especially as modern day relationships aren’t just between a male and female, like they were in Shakespeare’s plays.

This clip contains use of a replica weapon. It may not be suitable for those under 12.