Charlotte Cropper

Charlotte Cropper is a comedian, presenter and writer.

After graduating in 2021 with First Class Honours in BA (Hons) Media and Performance, Charlotte has further paved her way in the comedy world through many creative capacities.

She performs her playful and personable stand-up comedy to a variety of audiences, is creating her first show as part of the Supported Artist Scholarship at the New Adelphi Theatre and took on the role of Producer for the University’s 2022 SalFUNNI Edinburgh Fringe project.

Charlotte is also a prolific presenter, using her witty and enthusiastic style to garner interest in various topics across entertainment and educational content. Charlotte was shortlisted as a Future Presenter in The Edinburgh TV Festival’s New Voice Awards 2022 and won The Dean’s Award at Create Student Awards 2021 for her commitment to her creative work.

We are so excited to have Charlotte bring her energy and joy to this year’s Create Awards. You can keep up-to-date with her comedy adventures at @croppachoppa on all addictive social media platforms.

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