Hussam Albahar / RUNNER UP

MA Media Production: TV Documentary Production

Hussam began studying at the University on the BSc (Hons) Professional Sound and Video Technologies, before commencing his Masters in Media Production. A mature student from Iraq, Hussam emigrated to Europe in 2000 and his personal experience as a proud immigrant inspires him to give a voice to those who are often silenced. Hussam strives to tell humanitarian stories of raw emotion about the lives and struggles of real people.

For his final major project he has produced a film entitled ‘16 Days of Heartbeat’, a beautiful and emotional documentary, which was recorded within the immigrant community in the North West England and London. The documentary tells the story of COVID-19 victims and their families. Even though the documentary was filmed under extremely difficult conditions, the final product is creditably moving and informative. Throughout his time as a student, Hussam has been a superb role model to other students and always offers his help to others, helping to raise the bar on their filmmaking too.

Hussam says “Being nominated is a win in its own right! It’s like a ‘well done’ for everything I have done. I now feel that every moment of anxiety, enthusiasm, tiredness and eagerness was all worth it. It has also given me the feeling that you can reach the audience’s mind as storyteller and that is a great boost to continue making more and more films.”

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