Isabella Ng / RUNNER UP

MA Dance: Choreography and Performance Practices

Isabella has been an irreplaceable part of the postgraduate Dance cohort. Traveling to the UK from Hong Kong on a scholarship, Isabella has introduced each of her classmates to the distinctive culture and practice of Chinese dance while simultaneously immersing herself in UK contemporary techniques. Working towards her goal of modernising Chinese dance for more people around the world to appreciate and access, she consistently advocates her dance style and culture in her unique choreographic approaches. 

During a three week-long project, Isabella coordinated 17 teaching artists and 80 participants worldwide, connecting them through the virtual dance platform ‘Distance Dance’ and encouraging them to share their passion for dance with fellow aspiring international artists. They were able to take and teach classes, participate in Q&A sessions, and form a supportive network for future collaborations. Isabella was nominated by two fellow students, which is testament to her being a truly kind spirited and likeable individual. The “motivation and beautiful energy” she brings to every interaction has been said to “set her apart from others”. Isabella’s positive attitude and excellent persistence towards her discipline are visible day-to-day, and we are sure this will take her far in her future endeavours.

Isabella says “It’s indeed a great privilege for me to receive a nominations from my classmates and tutors. Also, it is an honour that I can be one of three nominees who have been shortlisted by the panel for The Dean’s Award. As an international student who received two scholarships to study at Salford, I remind myself to take every opportunity to learn as I would not want to disappoint those who I now know believe in me. I have conducted the international online platform ‘Distance Dance’ which is dedicated to cultivating cultural and artistic collaborations, as well as providing networking opportunities. It had a worldwide reach to emerging artists, developing life-long and sustainable careers for the future. It means a lot to me to have that work recognised, I am very much thankful to all of you, it was unexpected and very touching to be nominated. It is a big encouragement to expand my efforts in the dance industries. I will keep my enthusiasm up in my future school work as well. Thank you all again for thinking of me and helping me expand my efforts.” 

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