Debbie Cordingley

Health Improvement Officer / Salford City Council

Debbie says “The honour of being invited to be a guest judge for the Citizenship Award was also an absolute pleasure. The only caveat that I would make relates to the incredibly tough decision of shortlisting nominees from such an outstanding field of submissions. I am aware that this statement is frequently made however, the variety of work, and styles of interventions cover such real, emotive issues and causes is phenomenal. All the student submissions demonstrate, passion, commitment, and a depth of caring about very complex issues. They also demonstrate how one person can effect positive change and genuinely make a difference. The supporting comments, submitted by their nominators, all show the positive impact achieved by each and every one and all speak of how the work of these students have had a positive impact on protecting people’s physical health and mental wellbeing which is truly remarkable.”

Debbie Cordingley is a registered social worker with over 20 years’ experience working with children and families and has been working with Salford City Council’s Health Improvement Service for the last seven years as a Health Improvement Officer managing one of the eight neighbourhood teams. Throughout her working career Debbie has been committed to ensuring that families and communities have access to provision that can enhance health and wellbeing thereby reducing health inequalities.

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