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Don’t miss out on the new e-learning resources we’ve created to make your study life easier.   

A Start to Assignment Success

Assignment briefs! These are your first contact with an assignment. If you are unsure of what the task is or how to complete it; you may find that the work you produce is incomplete or does not meet the assessment standards. Assignment (or ‘assessment’) briefs can be confusing, complicated and include lots of information, but we are here to help with that. Having a good understanding of your briefs will enable you to do better in your assignments!

The e-learning resource, Your Assignment Brief, has been designed using a real brief to clearly explain each component. It will help to make a brief easier to read, so that you feel confident in planning and creating a piece of work that meets the requirements. It also gives you opportunities to identify the key aspects and check your understanding of the tasks. Take a look and take your first step towards assignment success!  

Learn from your Feedback

Make sure to check your feedback when you receive your marks. Your lecturers will give you advice on ways to improve and, of course, praise what you did well! Both of these types of feedback will help you with what to do on your next assignments.

Some feedback though can be tough to absorb and process at any level of study. It can also be challenging to translate feedback into action. Our online resource, How to benefit from feedback, explains how to:   

  • Access the feedback
  • Make the most of any type of feedback
  • Stay positive with improvement advice   

It also covers what to do if you don’t understand your feedback.  You can create an action plan which will help you to make progress by mapping out your next steps.   

Working Online as a Group

Group working can be an enjoyable experience as it gives you the opportunity to develop new skills. Learning from your peers can bring new perspectives that maybe you wouldn’t have thought of alone. Working in an online group during the pandemic may be challenging but our e-guides are here to help! They aim to try and calm any fears you may have about working with others by offering strategies and tips for working effectively as a group. Our app guide takes you through some of the learning apps which can help you to communicate with your peers without face-to-face contact, from the comfort of your own home. This is your chance to build your digital skills, from using communication apps, to file sharing then to hosting online meetings…  

Look at our e-guide today and select the strategies and digital tools that will make your collaborative working a more rewarding and successful experience while helping to produce the best results for your assessments.

There are lots of other helpful resources on the Skills website. There are many ideas for how you can improve your academic work and study life.

Remember why you started, you’ve got this!

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