Travel survey 2011 results at a glance

During November the University carried out a full travel survey of staff and students in order to provide baseline data to inform and shape the targets of the forthcoming University of Salford Sustainable Travel Plan.

The Travel Plan itself covers a 5-year period and features measures aimed at increasing the amount of people travelling to the University by sustainable means. The survey data collected not only allows us to measure how successful the measures are but also influences what the measures and incentives are and how they should be prioritised.

A full analysis of the data has been taking place with full results to be published soon. However, a particularly significant piece of data can now be revealed: What is the primary mode of travel taken by staff and students when travelling to University?

The results are displayed below showing that the majority of staff (left) and students (right) travel to the University by means other than single-occupancy car travel.

Full travel survey findings will be available in the near future as the Travel Plan continues to take shape.

Thanks to all those who completed the survey as we doubled the response rate from the 2009 survey, well done!

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